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La CitroŽn DS4 sera donc un vťhicule plus haut de gamme que la 2Ťme gťnťration de CitroŽn C4, avec un style plus dynamique, mais aussi plus d'espace intťrieur. La CitroŽn DS4 s'approchera d'un

Design extťrieur

Dťcouvrez le magnifique design extťrieur de la CitroŽn High Rider.

Dťcouvrez le magnifique design extťrieur de la CitroŽn High Rider.


Prťsentation de l'intťrieur de la CitroŽn High Rider.

Prťsentation de l'intťrieur de la CitroŽn High Rider.


Quelques dessins du concept car CitroŽn High Rider.

Quelques dessins du concept car CitroŽn High Rider.


(from Citroen Press Release) DS HIGH RIDER: Taking dynamics into a new dimension

CitroŽn created a stir in February 2009 with the announcement of a new line of distinctive products, the DS line. The new line-up reflected one of the facets of what is a true reinvention of the Marque, symbolised in its new tagline, ďCrťative TechnologieĒ. Rounding out the main CITROňN range, the DS line features products with more radical design choices aimed at customers looking for stand-out styling, architecture, driving feel and refinement.
Just one year after this major event, and with the DS3 now on show in CITROňN showrooms, the Marque is taking a new step in the evocation of the DS line with the DS High Rider. The new concept car embodies a contemporary vision of dynamics with compact design as a fundamental value. It opens the way to new vehicle uses, new motoring pleasure, and an innovative technological approach founded on a Full Hybrid 4 drivetrain.

The DS line moves forward into a new universe

With DS High Rider, CitroŽn is clearly remaining faithful to the philosophy behind the DS line, namely products with bold choices in terms both of styling and architecture.
Without reneging on the charms of conventional coupťs, CITROňN has discovered new ways of expressing automotive vitality with this new creation Ė less restrictive and exclusive and more adapted to todayís driving conditions, while boasting a renewed sense of driving pleasure.
Unlike regular 4-seater coupťs that are long and low-slung, DS High Rider places the emphasis on muscular compact design. The body styling combined with the height of the car underline the compactness of the whole, in turn strengthening the dynamic feel.
Behind the wheel, this promise of vitality is delivered in the shape of a unique driving experience based on a blend of the following:
  • a windscreen that stretches far back into the roof,
  • a passenger-focused interior architecture of the highest standards,
  • running gear that benefits from all the Marqueís expertise in driving sensations and standard-setting ride comfort.

  • Design embodying a new vision

    Because it takes its inspiration directly from the values it vehicles, the styling of DS High Rider eschews all clichťs in favour of an all-new, radically modern and inherently elegant shape. DS High Rider does not attempt to express vitality or versatility; rather, its body styling is a lively and pure reflection of these qualities.
    DS High Rider is an object of desire that stands apart through its coherent design, that of a ďbeautiful automobileĒ placing the emphasis on harmonious forms through sensual and physically-present design that avoids caricature. Raised ground clearance and the strong on-road presence of the 19-inch diamond-effect alloy wheels structure the carís proportions and make a defining contribution to DS High Riderís character. The priority focus on authentically elegant forms also served to avoid the generic effects often used to typecast vehicles. The wheel arches and the forms of the car, particularly the flanks, are enough in themselves to express the robustness and protective character of the concept car. Components such as the front and rear bumpers, while also expressing vitality and agility, are perfectly integrated in the body styling and underline the overall harmony.
    A handsome automobile and a good-looking coupť, DS High Rider also has an exclusive and elegant edge, with the beauty of its lines underlined by touches of contemporary luxury. Perfectly matching the all-new, sensual Golden Gloss body paint chosen for the initial manifestation of DS High Rider, the smoked chrome surrounds on the side windows accentuate their distinctive shape and literally highlight them. This lighting effect is also at play on the front and rear ends in the form of lamp and position light surrounds.
    An animate object with a unique personality, DS High Rider is all CITROňN. It is instantly recognisable as such from the double chevron in the centre of the front end through to the compact and taut styling at the rear.

    All-new, agile and attractive

    DS High Rider brings a dynamic edge to versatility with a good dose of agility. Straight off, it comes across as a coupť redolent of movement with tightly drawn proportions. A coupť that reassures the onlooker with its subtly muscular character, one that refrains from outrageous aggression. Ground clearance is raised, giving drivers a commanding view of the road and traffic. The feeling of safety and protection is strong, but devoid of arrogance or brutality. Neither does it give the impression of taking up an exaggerated amount of space in the street, especially considering the carís interior volume. DS High Rider is roughly as long as the C4, and boasts a similarly spacious cabin.
    The elegance-laced practicality of DS High Rider also hints at other pleasures, such as the textile-covered roof suggesting a top-down position.

    DS High Riderís evident agility and its ability to break free of restrictions are naturally reflected in the Full Hybrid 4 drivetrain combining:
  • an HDi DPFS diesel engine, and
  • an electric motor fitted on the rear axle.

  • This set-up combines dynamic performance with environmental protection. The Full Hybrid 4 system balances the frugality of a latest-generation diesel engine with zero-emission electric mode, continuously switching between or combining the two engines. When drivers have to accelerate fast, the electric motor instantly adds its torque to that of the HDi diesel powerplant. In addition, this torque is transmitted to the rear wheels, effectively providing four-wheel drive grip and total control Ė and sublimating DS High Riderís dynamic qualities.